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Our Process

Over many years of working with a variety of clients, we have developed a highly collaborative approach to our services.

This approach has evolved into a systematic collection of techniques that are focused on enabling direct client involvement in the design process. We call this our Collaborative Design System™ and it’s our foundation for success.

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The Planning Phase: Defining the Parameters
We begin our process by meeting to explore the overall objectives of the project, using our C.D.S. Matrix™ to develop a common vision of the project’s critical success factors. Organizational surveys are distributed to elicit further information from as wide a representation of individuals as possible, and documentation about the site or existing building is collected and analyzed.

The Design Phase: Exploring the Possibilities
We encourage the generation of as many alternative design solutions as possible through a highly interactive conceptualization exercise called the Puzzle Piece Charrette™. This engages the entire project team in a graphic and tactile exploration of the programme, and enables numerous ideas to be immediately visualized.

The Technical Phase: Documenting the Details
We continue our interactive client involvement in meeting together with the various authorities having jurisdiction over approvals, as well as in reviewing building systems with our consulting engineers, in order to create a complete and detailed set of Technical Documents; which describe what will be built.

The Construction Phase: Making it a Reality
We support the selection of a contracting team through a balance of quality, cost, and time parameters set according to the particular priorities of each project. Once work starts, we continue our constant communication through site visits and coordination meetings until we reach final Project Turnover; which involves a thorough review of the new environment, as well as the experience of creating it.

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