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Sustainable Design

As a leading firm in our region in the area of sustainable design, we encourage all of our clients to consider, to the degree appropriate for them, the emerging opportunities for making their buildings more energy efficient, able to use less water and other resources, create better indoor living and working environments, and reduce the impacts on their sites.

Having completed the first LEED® Gold certified facility in this area, we are currently involved in numerous other green building projects at a variety of scales for both public and private sector clients.

Our services always include an initial exploration of the sustainable design opportunities for a project, an evaluation of their costs and benefits, and a discussion of the merits of certification. For us, 'sustainable design' means that the building has not only accomplished its environmental objectives, but has also been responsible with the client's financial resources, while ultimately serving the individual and social needs of the people who use it.

Our LEED® Projects

The LEED® series of standards represent the most rigorous and widely used criteria for green buildings.

Our Green Globes™ Projects

The Green Globes assessment and rating system is a practical green building standard featuring a web-based interface to facilitate effective decision-making.

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